Multi-Color LED Light Bulbs with Remote (2-Pack)

Multi-Color LED Light Bulbs with Remote (2-Pack)

Price: $79.98

These Multi-Colored LED Light Bulbs with Remote feature flash, strobe, fading and smooth effects.  The LED Bulbs can make the transition through a range of colors with different brightness combinations, comes with an infra-red remote control that allows you to adjust the transition effects.  The Bulbs can be used on a standard lightbulb socket. The multi-color LED light bulbs are generated from a 3 Watt LED with access to 16 specific colors of purple, turquoise, white, green, blue, light blue, red, orange and yellow. A must have multi-color led lightbulb for your interior or exterior parties.

  • Can be set to over 16 colors at the touch of a button
  • 5 different light intensities
  • Cycle, fade, strobe, and flash through every color
  • Included IR remote control to select one of four color changing or fade programs, or any of the 16 colors offered
  • Easy installation: fits in any standard incandescent socket
  • Included: 2x 3W LED bulbs, 2 x remote controls
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