LED Shoe Clip

LED Shoe Clip

Price: $29.99

Never miss another late night run with the new LED Shoe Chip.  Lightweight and flexible design that simply attaches to the back of your shoes with ease. Begins flashing in an instant so that you’re visible to motorists at all times.  Provides extra protection and safety along late night runs or bike rides.  Serves as a unique and fashionable alternative to reflectors and comes in two light modes. Makes the Perfect accessory for the everyday sport lover who enjoys running, cycling, and walking.  Available in your choice of 5 different colors.  The light that is so lite that you won’t even feel it’s there! Never leave home without it.


  • Waterproof
  • Up to 100 hours of visibility
  • Easy replaceable battery
  • Available in two modes: steady, and flashing
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