Fix a Zipper 2-Pack (12pcs Total)

Fix a Zipper 2-Pack (12pcs Total)

Price: $24.99

Tired of having to toss out your favorite pair of jeans every time a zipper breaks?  Well, you’re in luck now with the Fix a Zipper.  This trendy device fixes a zipper like new in a blink of the eye.  Simply snaps on and repairs broken zippers that have missing teeth, broken tracks or broken sliders.  Very easy to use and replaces zipper sizes 3,4,5,8, 8C and 10.  Choose between black or brown.  Each package contains 6 Fix a Zippers.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Easily snaps on, fixes all broken zippers
  • Perfect for clothes, purses, boots, suitcases, and more
  • 2-Pack Deal includes a total of 12 Zippers (6pcs per package)


Colors: Black and Brown

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