Pair of Mop Slippers

Pair of Mop Slippers

Price: $29.99

Mopping the floor is tiring and strenuous on your lower back — and once it’s done, it seems like it has to be done again! Take the pain out of keeping your floor clean with the Mop Slippers and clean the floor while you walk.  The creative design of the Mop Slippers means that you can wear them around the house at any time, and they’ll keep your feet warm and keep the floor clean. Made from Microfiber Chenille, the slippers will pick up dust, dirt and pet hair without you even trying. Great for any hard surface flooring.
  • Hassle-free ·  Fun way to clean floors ·  Place at entrances to prevent dirt being walked in from outside


Colors:  Green, Orange, Purple, Blue, Pink, Purple

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