16-in-1 Multi Tool

16-in-1 Multi Tool

Price: $29.99

Be prepared for anything. Have no fear, this 16-in-1 Multi Tool Kit is here! Fix anything at any time with no electricity or tool box needed; everything you need to play Mr. Fix-it can fit into the palm of your hand. This kit is compact, but it saves the day when you're in a bind for a socket. Don't be left out there with all the bears unprepared--take this 16-in-1 tool kit wherever you go.

• Includes 16 tools • Weighs 12oz • Measures 3" x 2" x 6"

• 5MW laser pointer with a range of 200 meters • Knife • Saw • 0.75W LED light powered by 2AA batteries (not included) • Bottle opener • Socket connecting rod • Hex key • Punch tool • #6 socket • #8 socket • #9 socket • #10 socket • #1 Philips screwdriver • #0 Philips screwdriver • 6mm slotted flat head screwdriver • 5mm slotted flat head screwdriver

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