Stay Sharp Razor Saver

Stay Sharp Razor Saver

Price: $40.00

We all know the importance of a great shave. Achieve the perfect shave each time with the help of the Stay Sharp Razor Saver.  Works with all blade styles, and sharpens and disinfects your blades like a dream.  Never will you have to worry about constantly replacing your expensive blades.  Simply add soap and water, or shaving cream onto the razor saver surface and press blade down firmly running your razor back and forth 7-10 times in the opposite shaving direction. Use before each shave to ensure perfect blades each time.

  • Allows      blades to stay 6 times sharper
  • Works      well on both men and women blades
  • Creates      the perfect shave each time, blades feel brand new after each use.

Colors:  Black, Blue

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