Slimming Body Shaper

Slimming Body Shaper

Price: $59.99

This Slimming Body Shaper is the perfect undergarment to showcase a slim figure.  The Slimming Body Shaper is perfect for many clothing options and desirable to make you look even better in your favorite Little Black Dress!  Wearing the Slimming Body Shaper will give women added confidence and is sure to make her feel even more beautiful!  Slimming Body Shaper is extremely comfortable and even benefits your metabolism and blood circulation. Shaper also evens out your posture and form and is even easy to slip on. Inside material: 88% bamboo, 12% spandex; Surface material: 78 polyamide fiber, 22% spandex. Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL


S/M: (Weight 93-126 lbs)(Waist 24”-28”)(Buttocks 32”-38”)

L/XL: (Weight 126-183 lbs)(Waist 28”-32”)(Buttocks 38”-42”)

XXL: (Weight 183-215 lbs)(Waist 32”-36”)(Buttocks 42”-46”)



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