Goodnight Bunion Toe Positioner

Goodnight Bunion Toe Positioner

Price: $24.99

Correct the alignment of your big toe while preventing bunion surgery with The Goodnight Bunion Toe Positioner.  Essentially a toe splint that provides the gentle correction needed to correct toe alignment and ease pain.  Universally sized this bunion splint fits most and can be worn on the left or right foot.  Features two adjustable straps that cross the top of your foot and big toe enabling you a customized fit.  Includes a flexible joint that allows your toe to stay mobile while keeping it still in line.  Splint is designed to be worn while sitting or sleeping.


  • Materials: Plastic and Nylon
  • Soft foam won’t hurt or irritate your skin
  • Bends between toes providing comfort and releases pressure on joints
  • Adjust the big toe to prevent valgus while relieving stress
  • Hand wash and air dry
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