All Natural Weight Loss Oral Spray-15 .25oz sprays

All Natural Weight Loss Oral Spray-15 .25oz sprays

Price: $59.99

Control your appetite and increase metabolism with The All Natural Weight Loss Oral Spray.  A Garcinica Cambogia weight loss spray that promotes fat loss with muscle sparing results.  This design features the highest percentage of HCA available, making this unique spray the perfect supplement to control your hunger throughout the day.  Reduce your overall body weight three times greater than regular diet and exercise alone while increasing fat burn.  Deal includes a 15 Pack/ 30 Day Supply.


  • Reduces BMI, body weight while reducing your calorie intake
  • Includes 60% HCA, a true thermo genic breakthrough that helps suppress hunger
  • 10 Sprays per Serving 6 Servings per Bottle 90 Servings Per Pack
  • Supports normal cholesterol levels
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