This section was created for you, our valued customers. Here you will find very useful information and answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Q: How do I redeem my voucher?
A: Voucher codes are unique to each purchase and it is very important that you enter it exactly as it appears on your records. Visit www.salebreaker.com/voucher and enter the voucher number. Please make sure you are entering the the voucher number exactly as it appears on your voucher page. If the code has upper and lower case letters it is necessary they are entered this way.
Once the code is entered the next screen will have a “continue” button, hit it and this will bring you to an information section. Here you will enter all shipping and options information to process your order. Next, scroll all the way to the bottom and click “continue”
Now choose the product options, if available.
if there is shipping for this item, it will ask you to pay it. Once its paid, click “continue” and the voucher will tell you its been redeemed. Congratulations, you have redeemed your voucher!

Q: Where can I can get my voucher number if I can’t find it?
A: You can contact the site where you purchased the voucher from and they will email the voucher page.

Q: How do I know my voucher redemption went through?
A: You will receive a confirmation email. This confirmation email will sometimes end up in your spam folder, so please check your spam folder before emailing us about it.

Q: How do I redeem multiple vouchers?
A: When you are redeeming your voucher, you will see an option “redeem multiple vouchers”

Q: What if I have a defective product?
A: Please email info@salebreaker.com and request an exchange. We will then send you a return label for the item and once it is received, a new replacement will be shipped.

Q: Why is my tracking information not showing up?
A: If your tracking is not showing movement, not to worry this simply means it has not been scanned by the service being used to send your item. Give it 24-48 hours, check again, and it will be there.

Q: Where can I check my tracking?
A: Your tracking can be checked on usps.com or http://webtrack.dhlglobalmail.com

Q: How long before my goods arrive?
A: Typically goods are shipped out 24-48 hours from date of redemption. Typically your goods should arrive between 1- 3 weeks depending on location.

Q: What if my goods show delivered but I never got them?
A: We find that if your goods show delivered, but you do not have them it means they tried delivering and the package was too large to leave in your postal box and will be available at your local post office.
Here is an easy link where you can enter your zip code to find your local post office. https://tools.usps.com/go/POLocatorAction!input.action

Q: What if my items are not at the post office?
A: Please email info@salebreaker.com and let us know so we can launch an investigation with the postal service.

Q: What if I received a wrong item?
A: if you receive an item on accident, please email info@salebreaker.com and inform us. We will send you a return label and ship out the correct items immediately.

Q: I want a refund?
A: Refunds can only be issued by the company you purchased the voucher from. Please refer to the deal site where you bought the voucher for a completer explanation of their refund/return policy. In most cases the product must be returned unopened and unused if refunds are allowed by that company.